Oregon flies this from the pole?

Oregon’s state flag is just short of a monstrosity. The front has minute details in a seal that are nearly impossible to see on a flag. This double-sided beast is expensive to make and doesn’t fly well because it is so heavy.
The front.
The back actually could stand on its own as a flag. (The image would usually be depicted the reverse of this since the beaver would be displayed looking at the hoist.)

Here are a few alternates in order of my preference.

The first is a complete change, other than keeping some yellow and blue from the original. The blue represents the rivers and ocean of western Oregon; the gold the wheat fields of eastern Oregon. The green and the tree are symbols unique to Oregon. 33 stars for the 33rd state.
My favorite.

The next two pull the beaver from the reverse of the current flag and incorporate the 33 stars. They are very basic, but easily recognizable.
A variation on the stars.3rd

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