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Category: Poetry

Under Heat

Devil hot.
Through the thick air
The sun beats down
Upon my brow,
The heat my heart
To make faint.
The land of green
Baked red and black;
And I, fallen to my knees,
Turn my eyes towards the sky,
And with a gasp of breath
Find strength within the light.

© 1990 John Schneider. All rights reserved.


Surrounded by millions
who rush to and fro
with overhead speakers
which call for John Doe
to please pick up the phone.
But without you...alone.
The touch of your breath,
my lips on your cheek;
under light of full moon
as I feel your heart beat
in a time we forgot.
Now alone like I sought.
The brisk night whispers peace
that my soul can't repeat
yet so tries to command,
but concludes between sleep
and dim thought that loneliness
is poor company to keep.

© 1996 John Schneider. All rights reserved.