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Tag: moon

The Radiance of an Emerald Ruin

Music and art © 2019 ANTBAST. All rights reserved.

The lyrics for several songs are from poetry by John Schneider which are posted on this site.

The Whisper

What's the whisper?

The curtains are drawn, shutting out the light
And the cold darkness dwelling in the stillness of the night:
Haunting like a shadow of the days of our past.
But life passes on, diminishing fast.

To rise then fall. Is that all?

Though the sun rises high in the quiet of dawn
And the dew melts away, as if moved like a pawn;
The moon, if it can, will shut out the light
And eclipse our droll lives, turning day into night.

To shine in vain. Is it the same?

The stars in the sky, acting in a play,
Though the light we now see may have faded away;
The star reached its peak in the solace of space
Then shattered into blindness with nothing in its place.

What's the whisper?

Do men always fall after the peak?
Is it the same, the pattern so bleak?
Rise and never fall, shine and not in vain.
The story can change...

The whisper.

© 1991, 2000, 2001 John Schneider. All rights reserved.